Plug in and relax.

The all-new Scania GenSets. Redefining reliability.

Build a new future.

Break new ground.

Just plug in and relax. It's a Scania.

100% Scania

The Scania Genset is a true Scania from inside out. This means industry-leading quality and user-friendly interfaces for maximum convenience and safety.
100% Scania, every inch of the way.

100% Scania

Because every detail counts.

Meet the ultimate power source: Scania's latest generation of diesel engines. For demanding professionals all over the world the Scania diesel engine is the undisputed first choice for heavy duty applications.


The Scania Gensets. Designed for maximum reliability. Powered to build a new future.

Champions of uptime

Prime power for construction sites, remote mining districts or research stations in the middle of nowhere? Whatever your application, the Scania Gensets stand up to the challenge.

Available 24-7

Available 24-7

Irrespective of setup, in single installations or multiple synchronised configurations, the Scania Genset deliver outstanding fuel economy and uptime. Rugged design, outstanding build quality and proven reliability make it a piece of equipment you can always depend on. A champion of uptime and operating economy.

Proven reliability

Scania is one of the world's leading engine manufacturers, with more than a century of engineering experience backing up our constant development of cutting-edge solutions for heavy-duty applications. A total of 85,000 Scania engines are manufactured each year. Together with the Scania Services, this means outstanding availability of products and parts, and unparalleled uptime.


Power can save lives. Or make people enjoy life. Scania Gensets make a difference every day.

Plug in and relax

When designing the Scania Gensets, our engineers set out to redefine reliability and efficiency. The result: A ready-to-run solution that delivers electrical power whenever and wherever you need it. Just plug in and relax. It’s a Scania.


Modular design

The Scania Gensets are based on modular design, which simplifies servicing, maintenance and upgrading.



The Scania Genset range uses brushless alternators featuring fully digitally controlled voltage regulators with an accuracy of ± 1%. Top quality, robust build and fit-for-purpose alternator winding protection ensures reliable operation in the harshest conditions.

Control panels

Control panels

Following Scania tradition, the control panels are intuitive and user-friendly, ensuring swift and secure operation. Informative data is clearly visible and readable also in dark conditions, and the sturdy design withstands tough treatment and foul weather. Control panels for multiple synchronised genset installation is optional, and so is remote communication and monitoring. Password protection against misuse comes as a standard feature.

Base frame & fuel tank

Base frame & fuel tank

Protected by the heavy duty base frame, the robust steel tank is perfectly integrated in the design. The lockable tank carries 965 (open) or 1075/1200 (canopy) litres of fuel, and there is also a fuel transfer system for extended running time. Easy-to-access lifting eyes are part of the base frame.

Modular Engine

Scania power generation engines

Recognized world-wide for outstanding reliability, fuel efficiency and operating economy, the 9-, 13- and 16-litre Scania diesel engines are the perfect match for power generation in the most demanding environments. Compact dimensions and modular design facilitates servicing and maintenance, and the engines are equipped with optimised Scania high performance cooling systems. All gensets are available as fuel optimised or Stage IIIA emission compliant.

Powerful and fuel efficient

Proven reliability and exceptional step-load handling make Scania Gensets ideal for standby power applications. In case of power loss, the genset responds instantly. Designed to handle high load variations effectively, the engines from Scania make a true difference when power supply is imperative. Despite the powerful performance every cubic millimetre of fuel is converted to electrical power in the most economical, dependable and cleanest way possible.

Engineered for uptime

The unique modular product systems with common key components irrespective of engine size, means higher parts availability, minimum waste and easy servicing for a single technician. By delivering maximum uptime and trouble-free operation, the Scania engine contributes to unbeatable operating economy and long-term profitability.

A complete range

Your Scania Gensets can be tailored to meet your demands for just about any heavy duty application. And when there are larger power requirements, the answer is simple: Multiple installations of synchronised Scania Gensets.



The open version of the Scania Genset reveals the superior build quality and attention to detail that characterises all Scania products and contributes to outstanding durability and dependability. With its compact footprint, the open Scania genset is perfect for built in solutions. Additional guarding to meet CE regulations is optional.

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Complete Multiple

Multiple benefits

Multiple installations of Scania Gensets is the most modern and flexible way to meet large power requirements. Compared to bigger and more costly generators, multiple installations excels in every discipline - from availability, redundancy and ease of maintenance, to overall system reliability and cost per kVA. Furthermore, load variations can be handled more effectively and in a way that optimises fuel economy, power output and engine service life.

Maximum flexibility

Scalability and flexibility is excellent, and up to 32 Scania Gensets with the same or different power outputs can be combined in order to match both the given load requirements and the demand for backup power. Furthermore, relatively small units that are easy to handle and to synchronise mean a powerful advantage when time-to-business is a crucial factor. Expanding the system when needed is also easy, and the modular design of the engine as well as other parts allows for cost-efficient maintenance and high parts availability.



The Scania Genset canopy is sound attenuated, fully galvanised and absolutely weather proof. For sound sensitive environments, canopies are available with additional sound attenuation according to CE regulations. Both engine and alternator are easy to access for servicing, and well protected when the large doors are closed and locked. For maximum convenience when loading and unloading, a roof-mounted single lifting point is optional.

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Rough conditions. Remote areas. This is Scania Genset territory.

Tailored services

Scania has been providing heavy duty vehicles and engines for more than a century. In the process, close relations to our customers has led to the development of tailored services that help you get the most out of your investment. We call them the Scania Services.

Tailored Scania

Scania Contracted Services

We offer service contracts that can be tailored to your demands. By working proactively we help optimise the performance, uptime and operating efficiency of your Scania Gensets over their entire working life.

Scania Parts

Scania Parts add value to your business by maximising your uptime. Engineered for ultimate performance, endurance, fuel economy and safety, they’ll reach you through one of the most advanced logistics networks in the world, guaranteeing high availability.

Scania Financial Services

Scania offers attractive and flexible financial solutions for your new Scania Genset. In markets where Financial Services is established we have financing solutions that are optimized for the demands and requirements in that country.

Global service network

With more than 1,800 service workshops all over the world, the availability of Scania parts and professional services is outstanding. A great share of our authorised workshops is ready and reachable 365 days a year, thus ensuring maximum uptime and excellent operating economy.


Multiple Scania Gensets coupled with Scania Services. A complete power package for profitability and growth.

100% commitment

Open or canopy? Single or multiple installations? Tell us your requirements, and we will provide you with the power to move your business forward.

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