Quality time

There is no joy like that of a rolling business

Maximum uptime. That’s the guiding principle we always follow when designing new Scania trucks and services. With Scania’s focus on operating economy, durability and robustness, a partnership with Scania is built to last. Therefore the new Scania Streamline comes loaded with new services to keep your business moving forward.

Scania continuous improvements

Meet the engineers: Uptime


Keep your trucks in the lead and not in the workshop. With the launch of the new Scania Streamline, you get access to new services to boost your uptime.

The use of the Scania Communicator is being extended to workshop services, which means the truck is constantly online. Remote access, driver-controlled apps for reporting service needs from the road and improved regular maintenance planning through the Fleet Management System, all contribute to eliminating unplanned stops.

The Scania Communicator

Your truck is always connected through the Scania Communicator. This enables remote diagnostics from the workshop and service planning in the fleet management system.

Remote access

With remote access, workshops can provide maintenance with a minimum of downtime. If a visit to the workshop is needed, a lot of time is saved since diagnostics can be run beforehand, reducing the time spent on troubleshooting. Also, the workshop can prepare tools, parts and staff to be ready.

Scania service planning

Early detection of items that need workshop attention usually means more uptime. Scania service planning helps the driver or fleet manager to report maintenance needs. This is done either from the Scania Fleet Management Portal, or directly from the road through our tablet or smartphone app. In preparation for a planned workshop visit, the vehicle’s status can also be sent digitally to the workshop to streamline the maintenance process.

Fleet Management

Fleet managers can use the service planning feature to report faults to the workshop. With the Service planning calendar, operators can plan maintenance needs related to the vehicle, bodywork or other equipment for attention at the next planned visit.

Service planning

Plan your maintenance during coffee breaks. With the Scania remote monitoring and service apps, the driver can report the condition of the vehicle back to base with the flick of a finger.

Scania service planning

The Scania service planning feature is accessed through the Fleet Management Portal or the new smartphone or tablet app, so the driver or service manager can report maintenance needs, directly from the road.

Details matter

Get eyes on the road. Scania Fleet Management provides the fleet owners and managers with detailed info about vehicle status, service needs, driving time and much more.

The Scania Fleet Management

Scania Fleet Management comes in three different packages – Monitoring, Analysis and Control – each with different functionality.

Learn more about Scania Fleet Management

Doubling up

Electric power is essential to guarantee uptime. To eliminate battery failure, Scania presents a new clever dual-battery system to ensure your power supply at all times.

Separate battery systems

With one high power battery setup exclusively used for starting, and another separate battery system dedicated to handle comfort systems and personal equipment, you can trust your Scania to start every time.

The whole picture

We have always put you and your truck first – and we always will. But you can trust the same people that service your truck to take care of your trailer and bodywork as well. Scania's vehicle-related services put all your service needs in one place, like maintenance and repairs with original parts, so that you can focus on your business.